Post and Core

Emergency Repair of Loose Crown

Watch this clinical case of Dr. Hoos to see how to solve the issue of loose crown with Dentapreg PINPost.

Esthetic Emergency Rescue

Using Dentapreg PINPosts, Dr. Frank Nelson was able to restore a tooth broken off at the gum line.

Minimally Invasive Post and Core

Using Dentapreg PINPosts, Dr. Hipólito Fabra makes a minimally invasive post and core.

Preparation of a non-invasive post

Instructional video

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Resilient Restorations

Fibrafill® CUBE is a microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations. The material is in the form of discrete application units with integrated membrane reinforcement made of continual glass fibers specifically designed for this purpose.